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Michael Whisenant ( )
Fri, 09 Jan 1998 14:54:02 -0600

You are missing the point here. On the invoice you can tell them that the
account is due on a particular date, and late on date+x, then allow then to
authenticate until date+x+y. I face serious competition in my market, and
Emerald's enforcement is the best thing I ever seen. Yes it does cause
some inital problems for the ISP that has not been very strict. Here is a
statistical FACT

The users that leave are always late and you can not run a business without
proper cash flow, and you do not need them if 10% of the users you have
will create you this much distress. My collection percentage went from
around 57% ontime collections to 90% within 2 months. I had as do many of
you who are not as strict people that would go 2-3 months then cancel or
simply not pay. My modem pool also started having ports free instead of
near busy signals. I have grown over 400% last year and was ONLY able to
do that with constant cash flow. ISPs need to run their business as a
business. I do not know of a utility that allows a user to go forever
without paying, but keep this in mind. ISPs can not prevent a person from
getting online with another ISP. Utility companies can prevent a person
from the basic parts of living.

It will take 1-2 times and the user will then pay ontime OR offer to move
to credit card. Either way TRUST me you banker WILL love the constant cash

If I sign up a user today 1-9-98 the invoice is dated today, with the note
payment is due on 1-9-98 and late on 1-14-98. Unknown to them they will
authenticate until 1-19-98. 5 days beyond the late date. Then on 1-29-98
they will see another bill for the period 2-9-98 through 3-8-98 and be
notified that payment is late on 2-14-98. That gives them 3 weeks to pay
the invoice. I think it was best said if they don't pay they don't
play.... I say.... If they don't pay let them go to the competition and
see if they can provide a QoS without cash flow!!!!

At 07:41 AM 1/10/98 +1100, you wrote:
>I agree, it is a competitive world out there, some tolerance is required
>please add my vote to that as well.
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>From: Luc Richard <>
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>Date: Saturday, 10 January 1998 15:41
>Subject: FW: Customers Behind on Payment
>>Wow, less customer oriented than the phone company... now THAT's an

>>accomplishment! ;)
>>If a customer wants to skip a payment and double-up the next month, then we
>>don't have a problem with that (except that this is difficult with
>>Emerald). We don't call a customer a "deadbeat" until he/she has to be
>>turned over to collections. This is such a small percentage that it is a
>>non-issue... part of the cost of being a customer focused business.
>>I'd like to see a change in Emerald in the future... just my vote :)
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>>From: John Lange []
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>>Subject: RE: Customers Behind on Payment
>>We have been doing it for the last year, since first installing Emerald,
>>and yes we do get some complaints, but you should see the line at the door
>>when they get cut off. We make it VERY clear on the invoices, that if the
>>bill is not paid by 12:00 Noon on the 15th the their service will be
>>discontinued. If you want to, you can extend their date for a few days, to
>>allow for stragglers.
>>We are "NOT" the phone company, electric company, or any other company that
>>carries deadbeats for ever. We provide a service, and expect to get paid
>>for it.
>>We are glad that Emerald does this for us. It is one of the few reasons
>>that we like Emerald. (Sorry again Dale) If we could just get Emerald to
>>Account for the money better (No not General Ledger) and more ACCURATE
>>financial reports, We would be satisfied.
>>JOhn :}
>>At 02:59 PM 1/8/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>>Dear John,
>>> Imagine if the phone company did this to you. You late one month so no
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>>>From: John Lange []
>>>Sent: Thursday, January 08, 1998 2:47 PM
>>>Subject: Re: Customers Behind on Payment
>>>The thought behind this is that when a customer doesn't pay, they don't
>>>play. Emerald will cut off access for expired accounts, so untill they
>>>extended they are not really using the service, so they are not billed
>>>JOhn :}
>>>At 02:36 PM 1/8/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>>>Dear List,
>>>> What exactly happens when a customer gets behind on a payment? Will the
>>>customer receive any statement in the month(s) following? Will the charges
>>>compound? Will the charges show on the next statement (if there is one?)
>>>> I remember reading a thread that the customer will never receive another
>>>bill showing that they are late or that they now own twice as much. Are
>>>there any plans to correct this in a later version?

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