Re: Calls Consolidation went awry!

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 04 Jan 1998 11:50:49 -0800

Nylis G. Renschler II wrote:
> Well I did the first EOM billing cycle since trying out the Emer 2.2 and something went awry.
> My calls table was trimmed upto 1 Jan 98 no matter when a persons anniversery date was.
> Question: When I put the 2.2 on should I have dropped the original stored proc. callconsolidation script and put a new one on?? I did run updtabs and instproc. I did not rerun any of the other inst...sql files as I was under the impression that was not neccessary. Was I wrong?

Yes. You need to replace the consolidation script. The one that comes with
2.1 is flawed.

> What went wrong? I ran the calls consolodation last month on 1 Dec, so everything was deleted from 1 Dec to 31 Dec this month.

Most likely you don't have the 2.2 consolidation routine.

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