Consolidation problems

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Sun, 4 Jan 1998 12:47:59 -0600

Consolidation generated "Error deleting old records table!"

The following is the steps that have been taken:

1. Export users to a text file
2. Copy it to the backup Radius server
3. Set the backup Radius for Text mode only
4. Restart the service
5. Truncate Emerald
6. Backup Emerald
7. Stop the primary Radius Server (its on the SQL computer)
8. Do a Summary, about 68,000 records
9. Do a Calls Consolidation
10. Got "Error deleting old records table!"
11. So I ran the following proceed that Dale provided back in September.

Create Procedure DeleteCalls (@Dif int) AS
Delete From Calls
From Calls c, MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa, Servers s, ServerPorts
Where ma.CustomerID = sa.CustomerID
And sa.Login = c.UserName
And (DateDiff(Month, c.CallDate, maExpireDate) - DateDiff(Month,
GetDate(), maExpireDate)) >= @Dif
And s.IPAddress = c.NASIdentifier
And sp.Port = c.NASPort
And s.ServerID = sp.ServerID


Actually I just did the CallsDelete X since the sp was already

Anyway.. I went from 5, 4, 3, 2, and then got to 1... and SQL generated
the following message....
Msg 629, Level 21, State 1
Fatal attempt to delete clustered index entry for page 18388 - index row
contains page 18146
The SQL Server is terminating this process.

12. Restarted the server
13. SQL did a recover process
13. Ran CheckDB it corrected some errors including size of the EmerLog file
14. Tried again.. still got the "Error deleting old records table!"

Anyone have any thoughts about where to head next!! I really need to
complete the Consolidation and get Emerald back to normal. I am presently
using the radius server in text mode, so the users are authenticating, but
tomorrow morning we need back in Emerald to assist customers and also to
signup new customers!!!