Some Questions

Mohammed Ersan ( (no email) )
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 12:54:10 +0200

Hi there Dale,
We are Using Emerald 2.2 and Just have another couple of question :

1- When we upgraded to 2.2 we ran the update proc. but it returned that =
the Consolidation proc. and the radius users already exists so is there =
any differences in those stored proc. that we should update them or do =
they still the same.

2- We have a monthly plan that have the first 6 hours free then any =
extra hour will be charged for an extra amount and I had a user that =
subscribed in Nov. 19 th. and we do consolidation monthly on the 1st of =
every month so the call history from Nov. 19th to Dec 1st had no problem =
but on Jan. 1st emerald will charge the account for the whole month and =
split the call history for 2 periods one from Dec 1st - Dec 19th and =
another one from Dec 20th - Dec 31st

M. Ersan