Re: Default billing Extensions

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 14:54:09 -0800

2.1.11 does not support any of them except for the default
expire. 2.2 and higher was were the rest started support.
I mentioned right before the list that not all of those
were supported or implemented in 2.1.

> Earlier this month we were working on a problem which never got resolved.
> My system is not properly handling the default billing expiration date
> *extensions* or *limit* extensions.

I didn't realize it wasn't resolved. I did mention that 2.1 most
likely did NOT support those two.

> 1) The *Limit* feature does not seem to function at all. As I understand it,
> this is a *permanent* period of time which can be added to an account to
> permit continued access after the expiration date.

No, you have that confused with OverDue. Limit is cleared after
each payment is received.

> Is the value of item 5 in the configurations table the correct one, and what
> are the units (seconds, days, etc.).


> What is necessary to make the default limit value be applied to the MBR?

2.2 or higher.

> 2) The *Default Extend* does not function either. As I understand it, this is
> a default value which will extend access to an account beyond expiration date,
> and that it is refreshed each time an Renewal Invoice is created.

No. Its reset to zero after each payment.

> Your listing of the Configurations Table shows item 9 as the Default Extend
> value. The Emerald Administrator does change this value, but it never affects
> the MBR billing information. When I create a test account, and create an
> invoice, the Extend value still defaults to 0.

Although the 2.1 admin supports it, the 2.1.11 client does not.

> Your previous replies indicated that Emerald version 2.2 may be necessary. I
> never received a reply on how I get version 2.2. I am using version 2.1.11.

We have made 2.2 availble to those people who needed a feature of it.
Send me private E-mail and I will talk to you about it.

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