Error 1105

Victor ( )
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 14:57:10 -0500

Here is what's happening now:

We started to see the error 1105 last sunday, we truncated the log of the
emerald database and the problem we had was solved (momentarily) a couple
of days later the same error came up, I truncated the Log once again and
for just a few minutes after that the same error popped up. This is how
things were before we saw the 1105 Error for the first time.
We splitted the log by creating a new Database device called the
"EmeraldLog" size 50.
We then expanded the Emerald Database LOG (not the data) onto the
EmeraldLog database device, all 50mb.

Right now according to EM, the Emerald Database has 71mb free out of 75mb,
any idea why are we still getting the error 1105, by the way once that
happens emerald freezes and no changes are allowed.

What's to be done to solve this problem.....