Radius not Running as a service

Chris Carey ( chris@sensible-net.com )
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 14:31:30 -0500

We recently upgraded to Radius 2.2 using emerald on an NT 4.0 Intel box. I
have been unable to get it to run as a service, the service starts normally
but the authentication dosn't work. We have tried to run it as a command
line program unsucessfully also. I can, however run it in debug mode -x15
sucessfully. I have tried differnt switchs ect and radius seems to start
and then die a few minutes later. (thank god I left 1.6 on the backup
server) I have been running in debug mode for the last few days that has
pretty much worked ok untill yesterday afternoon when the primary server's
speaker started going nuts making a shrill buzzing, we ran back to the
server room to find radius listing all of the usernames in emerald. We
stoped and restarted radius and everything was back to normal until today
when the same thing happened. I have checked the dsn, and it is a system
dsn, I have also started radius as a service allowing it to interact with
the desktop and everything seems normal, usersjust don'y authenticate. I
even checked to make sure redius.exe was really running when it was running
as a service and it was. I deleted the registry entrys and reinstalled it
and that didn't help much either.

Does anyone have any other ideas about what could be going on?

Chris Carey