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Richard Sensale ( (no email) )
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 13:19:04 -0500

Thanks for the info.. Don't suppose you happen to have some kind of master
listing of all the basic fields and which tables they are in. I spend most
of my time trying to dig out where most of these fields are. Im still
getting used to Emerald so a list would help.

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Date: Tuesday, December 23, 1997 1:09 PM
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>> Richard Sensale wrote:
>> Hi I need some helpful suggestions as to how to go about designing a few
>> reports and was wondering if anyone had already done something like
>> I need a report which will list total dollars paid on account for any
>> of time (paid invoices). The tricky part is being able to define the time
>> period.
>Using Crystal Reports 5.0 or higher you can define paramters
>that you will be asked when the report is run. This allows you to
>specify the start/stop time. What you want to total is the Payments
>table for that customer.
>> I also need one that seperates billing by account type
>Same as above, but a triple join on Payments, MasterAccounts,
>and SubAccounts, grouped by SubAccounts.AccountType
>> And lastly I have to design one that can breakout how many dollars we are
>> billing for things like extra email addresses, or clients in different
>> regions.
>If its just straight regions, that one is easy (same three as above,
>just group by region, rather than accounttype.
>The extra stuff might be much more difficult. You'd have to dig into the
>invoice items table (5 table join) and pick out the matches you wanted.
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