Re: Calls Consolidation

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 22:49:08 -0800

Mohammed Ersan wrote:
> Hi there,
> We had the same problem but in a more bizarre way for some users that have :
> * For certain accounts that had EXPIRED in this month he did not consolidate and when their Expiry Date are advanced to the next month he will consolidate their calls.
> * For some Accounts that have a far expiry date and a pre-paid accounts (i.e timeleft=(SOMENUMBER)) he did clear the calls and also nothing in the callhistory
> *** How come that in the consolidation process some calls are summed and moved to the callhistory and some are not
> So what is wrong......................
> P.S. We are Using ver. 2.1.11

2.1's consolidation is known to produce some odd results which can be
dependant on when you run it. This has been fixed in 2.2 and higher.
If you would like to try 2.2, please send me private email.

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