Calls Consolidation

Mohammed Ersan ( (no email) )
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 10:18:32 +0200

Hi there,
We had the same problem but in a more bizarre way for some users =
that have :
* For certain accounts that had EXPIRED in this month he did not =
consolidate and when their Expiry Date are advanced to the next month he =
will consolidate their calls.
* For some Accounts that have a far expiry date and a pre-paid accounts =
(i.e timeleft=3D(SOMENUMBER)) he did clear the calls and also nothing in =
the callhistory

*** How come that in the consolidation process some calls are summed and =
moved to the callhistory and some are not

So what is wrong......................

P.S. We are Using ver. 2.1.11

M. Ersan