Re: Unix Support with Emerald

Greg Boehnlein ( )
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 17:56:52 -0500

I've re-written most of Emparse in C. It's very beta at this point.
It is designed to work with the following;

1. RedHat 4.2 or RedHat 5.0 Linux
2. Emerald 2.2.28 or 2.2.32
3. Shadow-Utils Package

It supports shadow passwords and utilizes shadow password aging. It is a

lot more current and up to date than the existing Emer-UX package, but
it is lacking MUCH MUCH functionality. It is a starting point for
development and modification.

It is a C based parsing engine that calls Shell Scripts to accomplish
the tasks of Adding, Deleting, Extending and Password Changing users. I
am currently modifying code from the Shadow-Utils package to move all of
these functions into C routines instead of using shell scripts. However,
the scripts have been rather helpful in debugging, so I'll leave them

I am looking for DEVELOPERS to assist my development! If you don't know
how to write C code, don't know how to modify shell scripts, and don't
know anything about Linux, then don't even reply. I have no spare time
for hand holding, and to be quite honest, won't reply. If I sound rude,
I apologize, but the majority of people on this list can't even figure
out how to get NT running smoothly, much less muck about with a C
compiler and debugging tools! :)

This is NOT something that is guranteed to work for anyone, but it is
about 90% functional for MY needs. If your interested in seeing the
code, playing with it and suggesting implementation modifications or
improvements, E-mail me directly.

I also hang out on #emerald at I'm there 9-5 during the
working day.