Re: Running Emerald from another Domain

David Mulberry ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 07:12:45 -0500

Wouldn't you need to be running a WINS server to make this work (which i am
not). Also, please explain the c$ after the IP address. I'd rather do
straight TCP/IP if this requires a WINS server.

Do I need to do anything with the ODBC settings? Seems I should have to
change them for both methods you have described.

Also, since either will work if I set them up correctly.... please help me
find what I don't have set up correctly. Since I have everthing set up
exactly as you describe in your steps for TCP/IP then obviously there are
other settings that need to be looked at that I may need to change to get
this to work..... there must be something about my basic configuration that
you are assuming I have set up that isn't. I just have no idea what that
could be, Emerald is running fine other than with remote access.


>Typically, what I do is connect using the ip address of the
>machine. To do this you have to enable the option in your TCP/IP,
>WINS setting of "Enabled DNS for Windows Resolution". Then
>open up a dos prompt and type:
>net use * \\\c$ /user:domain\username password
>where is the IP address of your SQL Server and
>domain\administrator is domain and username and password
>is your password.
>You should have your default library as named pipes and then
>just enter as the server name in Emerald or SQLEW.
>The above is an alternative to using straight TCP/IP as noted
>below, BTW. Either will work if you set them up correctly.
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--->> ------------------>> Instructions you gave from a previous message follow:>>>>>> Most of this is pretty straight forward SQL server client configs.>> I'll try to outline a pure TCP/IP config here:>>>> First, make sure you have TCP/IP support for SQL Server installed.>> TO do this run the setup.exe from the SQL Server media on your>> SQL Server machine.  At the options prompt (after the name and>> such) select the "Change Network Protocol Support" and click>> continue.>>>> You need to make sure you have TCP/IP checked.  If you don't,>> then check it.  You'll need to select a port.  1433 is the default,>> but you can put it on anything you want. Select continue to finish>> the TCP/IP install, or just cancel out if you already have>> TCP/IP support enabled.>>>>>> Now for the remote client to use TCP/IP:>>>> 1. From Your SQL Server group, select "SQL Client Configuration>> Utility".>>>> 2. Click on the Advanced tab.>>>> 3. At the bottom enter:>>>> Server: Server>> DLL Name: TCP/IP Sockets>> Connection String: x.x.x.x:yyyy>>>> Where Server is your SQL Server common name (usually the netbios name>> or the FQDN).  x.x.x.x is the IP adddress to your SQL Server and yyyy>> is the port you install tcp/ip to.  If you chose to use the default of>> 1433, you can put just the IP address for the connection string.>>>> 4. Click Add/Modify to put the entry in the current entries list.>>>> Now when you run Emerald on this machine, make sure you enter>> the server name EXACTLY as you did in the client config utility.>>>>>>>>>>>>  ---------------------------------------------------------->>  Emerald Mailing List  >>>>>>Dale E. Reed Jr.  (>_________________________________________________________________>       IEA Software, Inc.      |  RadiusNT, Emerald, and NT FAQs> Internet Solutions for Today  |>>> ----------------------------------------------------------> Emerald Mailing List  >>