Billing Issues

Howard Towt ( )
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 10:40:25 -0700

Thanks to Dale Reed for the quick response from yesterday's posting.

I'm not sure about the nuance of "anniversary billing" vs. monthly
billing. These are accounts that we set up with a "pay period" value
set to "monthly", and the "expire" value set to the 1st of the month.
I'm also not sure about the example of using 2/6/97 as an expiration
date that should result in a query of 11/7/97 to 12/6/97. With our
version of Emerald, accounts expiring on 2/6/97 actually don't expire
(cease RADIUS authorization) until the date turns to 2/7/97. With that
logic, it seemed appropriate to set the date boundary as 11/7/97 to
12/7/97. Also, our expiration date gets advanced each month as invoices
are paid. Does the 2/6/97 example imply that there is an anniversary
date value lurking in the database that stays static?

Anyway, two questions remain:

1) When the batch charge consolidation is run, the Calls table values
are deleted up to the second the consolidation is run, while the summary
values loaded to the Call History are cut off as of the previous
midnight. Why aren't the two operations consistent in the calculations

2) I have to supply reports to customers (mostly small businesses with
ISDN routers) who want to see the detail of the activity that results in
the number of hours for which they are billed. I gave an example query
based on the assumed logic of the Emerald product. Evidently my
assumptions were "mostly wrong". Does anyone have a query that matches
the logic used to summarize the transactions to the Call History table?


Howard Towt
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