Consolidation Problems

Greg Waugh ( (no email) )
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 17:21:14 -0500

We have been having problems where after we do a call consolidation, the
Calls table is empty but so is the CallHistory table. This happened once
before. The CallHistory table is completly gone. Doing a SELECT * FROM
CallHistory returns no hits. Obviously this is bad. Has anyone else had
this problem??

Also, our database seems to be growing non-stop. When you do a
consolidation, it doesn't get any smaller even though the table is clear.
Recalculating or Truncating logs doesn't help any either. I have just been
increasing its size, but it is up to 475 MB and still growing... what's
wrong with this??

Thanks for any help!


Greg Waugh (
Productivity OnLine
Cincinnati, Ohio