Re: NT SAM authentication.

John West ( )
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 16:13:06 -0500


I've found that you have to "uncheck" "Require Encrypted Passwords" on a
Win95 Dial Up Networking client to Authenticate against SAM.

> From: Ron Svedersky <>
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> Subject: NT SAM authentication.
> Date: Wednesday, July 23, 1997 2:16 PM
> I have a few questions reguarding SAM authentication.
> I am set up to use TEXT only and authenticate correctly when the
> password is listed explicitly.
> When I try to set the password to "WINNT" , I can never get
> authenticated. The password is definitely
> correct. I thought that maybe I needed to be installed on a PDC so I
> did that as well and same results.
> I remember reading an older version of the documentation saying that you
> needed to add 1024 to the
> options registry key; but that is omitted in the documentation that
> comes with version 2.2. I was wondering if
> anyone has got this working, or if anything needed to be done in
> addition to what the documentation says.
> Do you need to run in ODBC mode? Does it need to be running as a
> service to authenticate through the NT SAM?
> If so, does the service need to run as someone special?
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