Radius delays causing accounting to stop

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 15:15:44 -0400

This is a problem that I have encountered with both RadiusNT .60 and the
new 2.2.35.

Our primary RadiusNT server runs in ODBC-only mode with the Emerald db (SQL
6.5). Periodically, our Max will send out an accounting record to the
primary radius server, but for whatever reason, it encounters an extended
delay or something, causing that accounting record and all subsequent acct
records to be sent to our backup radius server (runs in text-mode only).
Meanwhile, the primary radius server is still handling authentication.
Here's an example scenario:
- A user, "bob" logs on at 1:00
- At 1:30, accounting records suddenly start heading over to the backup
server for whatever reason (network delay??). As far as SQL/Emerald are
concerned, no more connections or disconnects are ocurring after this
- At 2:00, "bob" logs off. The stop record is sent to the backup radius
server, and the primary server still shows him as being online because it
never received the stop record.
- At 2:30, "bob" attempts to log on again. The auth request is still sent
to the primary radius server, but because that machine still shows him as
being online, "bob" is rejected because the users have the ability to log
in concurrently 1 time (with a few exceptions). "bob" cannot log on again,
until the original record of him being online is cleared through Emerald or
via a SQL script...

I was told a while back that Radius 2.2 was going to "periodically check"
to see if users were actually online, and if it found that he/she wasn't,
the record in CallsOnline would be cleared. If this feature has been
implemented in the latest releast of Radius, how does it work?

For the time being, I'm having to turn off Radius on the backup server (or
set all Acct. IP addresses in the Max to point to the primary radius

On an entirely unrelated note, what type of field and how many characters
is "data", below? My Emerald db was recreated on Oct 28, 1996, so I guess
a few additions/modifications have been made since then...

Sending Reject of id 25 to c72cc20a (max.talstar.com)
LOG: User: test Not found
User: test Not found
SQL Statement: INSERT INTO RadLogs(RadLogMsgID, LogDate, UserName, Data)
VALUES (10, GetDate(), 'test', 'notright')
ODBC: SQLExecDirect Error:
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'Data'.

Thanks for any insight,

Josh Hillman