rad_sql.zip, calltrig.sql calltr~3.sql

Bruno A. Karoly ( (no email) )
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 21:53:19 -0400

I've succeeded in setting up Emerald (I think) and need some help to do
with concurrancy control.

The radinstall.txt says that calltrig.sql needs to be edited and then

a. I can't find any mention of how to edit this file. Can someone
make some suggestions? The search feature from the old iea.com is no
longer available and the new site does not seem to have one.
b. I can't find calltrig.sql, but I did download rad_sql.zip which
contains serveral files including calltr~3.sql. Is calltr~3.sql the one
to use?
c. Calltrig.sql is no longer available for download on the new
sites and it appears to have been removed from the old site. Is this an
indication that calltrig.sql is no longer needed?

The RadiusNT v2.2 doc says that a properly working callsonline
view/query must be in place. There seems to be no reference on how to
create this or to verify same.

Your help is appreciated.


v. 914.834.7834
f. 914.834.7835