Setting up Radius with Access

John David M. Miller ( (no email) )
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 19:58:56 -0400

I am having a difficult time setting up Access7 / Radius.
Currently I am using .49 per an old posting referencing
a bug in .60 when using Access. It is running on NT 4.0.

I have reviewed the Radius install file for .49 and the
instructions for 2.2 as well as searching for web sites
relating to Access ODBC setup. I guess I need more
specific information regarding the actual ODBC setup.

Does anyone have a ODBC site they can recommend? It appeared
from the 2.2 docs that I had different options than expected?

Quote from 2.2 Docs.
"In the database box, click the select button and choose your mdb file.
If you need to login to the database, select advanced and fill in the

I had a select button which only gave me the options for

Please excuse these newbie questions but ODBC is completely
new to me.

John David M. Miller

SAMnet Internet Solutions / Software and More Inc. -
Authorized Ipswitch VAR