Idle Timeout and CallsOnline

Scott Sinnock ( (no email) )
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 17:01:34 -0700

We cannot figure out how to get the RadiusNT accounting package to work in
Access so we can set attributes for individual users. For example

(1) How do we set up Access to display the current user informaton in the
CallsOnline example query in Access? What other tables do we need to set
values in? Do we need to set the NT administrator program to "Manual
Accounting Updates"? Do we need to add attrubutes to the Calls table?
(2) How do we set IdleTimeout for an individual user listed in the
subAccounts table? Is attrubute 28 the IdleTimeout attribute? do we need
to attribute 28 to the Calls table? How do we link an attribute in the
calls table to an individual user?

Thank you.