format for Access DB

Technical Support ( )
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 11:43:21 -0500

I have been pulling my hair out for several days over the ODBC =
implementation of radiusnt

Let me start by saying that I can make ODBC work with the db included, =
HOWEVER, I would like to customize it a little and remove some =
(unneeded?) fields.

What are the minimum requirements and format for the ODBC =
implementation? That is, what fields, specifically, are needed at a =
minimum? I am an experienced DB designer but am pulling my hair out =
over some issues such as=20

made the username and password lengths longer than 15 characters. This =
seems to be a mistake. What is the max?=20

Are there any other fields in the Radius7 database provided that one =
should not screw with if one expects to retain their sanity? =20

I would like to remove the phone # and work# and detail fields from the =
subaccounts but doing so generates an error about expecting more info...

Also, has anyone made an access db that does not have subaccounts. That =
is where every account name has a login and password and there are not =
multiple accounts for a particular person? =20
Also, any chance someone has premade Internet Database Connectivity =
pages for changing passwords from web? Any security problems with this =
idea? Had planned on using cheesy but effective Frontpage 97. I am a =
non profit ISP (don't ask, its a long one) , so money is not here for =
high end SQL solutions...