RE: Radius and DNS

Tim Ballingall ( )
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 12:42:20 +1000

Generally this would be configured on your Netserver. I use a cisco 2511 =
and it seems to work fine. Perhaps make sure that your Netserver is =
configured to use DNS. I can't say what the config would be though, I =
haven't used USR hardware before.


From: Information At TDPNet
Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 1997 11:29 AM
Subject: Radius and DNS

<<File: ATT00000.html>>Does RadiusNT have the ability to pass the DNS =
servers IP address to the dialup clients. I am using a USR =
Netserver16/I, and my Win95 clients have "obtain DNS address from =
server", but name resolution doesn't happen, unless they hard code this =
value in dialup networking. =20
Is the Netservers IDLE-Timeout supported with RadiusNT? USR Support =
claims that I should check with the Radius vendor to see if it is =
supported. If so is the value minutes or seconds? IS Session-Timeout =