Fw: Authentication with MAX 4004

Alex Assali ( (no email) )
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 06:51:32 -0400


> I have a MAX 4004 NAS that I got to work with Ascend Radius(Linux) for
> authentication and with Emerald and SQL(NT) for accounting. I would like
> to try Emerald for authentication too. however, everytime I get a message
> that
> says user unknown after quering the SQL server. I think the problem is
> within
> the RadiusNT dictionary. From what I know when RadiusNT is running in
> mode it should read the dictionary from the SQL radius in EmerAdmin
> when I generate the radius file from SQL server the file contains a
> parameter
> called Expiration which I always change to Ascend-PW-Expiration otherwise
> the Ascend-Radius will not authenticate. Is this parameter the reason for
> RadiusNT
> authentication not to work? and how to go about changing the radius file
> format
> to suite the Ascend NAS?

Anyone help ? no freinds yet ? I can be a help too!!

Alex Assali.