Re: Questions about Emerald and Radius 2.2

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Wed, 9 Jul 97 15:38:36 EST5EDT

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>> We are using IMail Server and ICVerify - will Emerald integrate at
>> with these products? I know it does somewhat with ICVerify, but what
>> about IMail server?

>We are working on IMail. I have a contact for them,
>but have not been able to get a hold of the person.
>> Also, with the new version of Radius to be released, will it allow
>> the addition of users via a web browser? We would love to offer this
>> where someone could sign up online via a web browser.

>We have a beta signup server for Emerald which will be
>available with the Emerald 2.2 release.

>> When is the new version of Radius due to be released?

>RSN. :)


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Sounds great! Ok, one more question: the sign up server that you
mention - would this be comparable or could it work in conjunction with
the IEAK serverless signup?? I believe Microsoft has a single disk
version of IE that you can use to sign up to an ISP and then download
the software - our stumbling block was the Radius integration. Would
this be possible then in the future, or is this already possible?

Chad Cummings