Re: RadiusNT .60, Access & No Logins

Glen Harvy ( )
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 04:09:20 +1000

At 10:16 8/07/97 -0700, you wrote:
>On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Glen Harvy wrote:
>> This could be the cause of my current problems. I have the "primary"
>> address as the RadiusNT IP address so shouldn't this overcome the problem?
>Not necessarily. Let me give an example of a problem we recently
>ran into. It is a simple fix, but not an obvious one.

My scenario is as follows.

The WinNT machine acts as a multihost for several web sites. It's primary
address is .

The domain name is not listed in the TCP DNS configuration on the WinNT
machine. Doing so disables the web multihosting feature.

Other IP addresses for the WinNT machine are,

The NAS is located at and is configured to talk to the
RadiusNT server at .

The NT machine receives the radius request fine and the ID is confirmed
back to the NAS. This works for security only. When I try to use
accounting, the NAS never acknowledges the ack sent by the RadiusNT machine.

BTW The NAS is a Wipro LTS 16 port coms server and is supposed to have been
fully tested (radius wise) with the Livingston version of Radius.

Thanks for your help in this matter as I would very much like to use your

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