Associating ODBC system DSN?

Amy L. La Salle ( (no email) )
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 10:56:59 -0700

I am a very new Radius user.

Recently when I tried to configure the program on an NT 4.0 server I ran
into a problem with the ODBC association.

I would like to use an existing database that I have of my customs'
information. I think that is what the ODBC feature of RadiusNT is for. If I
am wrong this e-mail proves my ignorance.

Anyway, I followed the instructions to associate an Access 97 datasource. I
entered it in the system DSN section exactly as the instructions stated and
I entered a username and password in the Advanced section so the access
would be secured.

I went back to RadiusNT to close it and reopen it. Then I selected the DSN
I added. Finally, I went to the security tab and entered the same username
and password I entered in the ODBC utility and I clicked the check button.
The check always fails.

Did I do something wrong? Should I have the database file itself password
protected with the same username and password?

The server I am working is not connected to a terminal server or the
Internet yet. I am trying to become familiar with the program first.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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