Re: RadiusNT .60, Access & No Logins

Fox, Thomas L. ( )
Mon, 07 Jul 1997 20:31:07 -0400

Ok. Will check it in the am. Does it state somewhere
in the docs that this behavior occurs, or should I have
just known it? Sometimes I'm a little dense. :-)


At 04:34 p 7/7/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Fox, Thomas L. wrote:
>> The portmasters, however, will not. The request comes
>> through in the -x15 output, and it appears to Ack it and
>> send it back to the PM, but the PM is behaving as if
>> it didn't receive the Ack. It sends the request through
>> several times, then comes back with invalid login.
>> What did I miss?
>You've installed RadiusNT on a multi-homed machine, and the
>IP that NT is using to send back the request (usually the primary)
>is not the same that which the portmaster is sending to.
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