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Mitch Wagers ( (no email) )
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 15:20:01 -0500

Thank you....I wanted to say this, but I have gotten in trouble in the past
due to my degredation in a response. :) Experience counts....and doing it
is the only thing that counts.

> From: Josh Hillman <>
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> Subject: Re: mmmodems
> Date: Thursday, June 26, 1997 3:15 PM
> > From: John David M. Miller <>
> > 56k requires digital lines (T1 or PRI) coming into your
> > facility. You cannot attach standard 56k modems to
> > the PM2e using analog lines and provide anything above
> > 33.6.
> It's not just limited to the PM2e, and also, simply having digital wiring
> (T1/DS1, PRI, etc.) won't necessarily do the trick even if you do have
> digital modems (PM3, Ascend Max, etc.) There can only be one A/D
> conversion and that's at the phone company's central office. Even if you
> have T1's coming into the building, it doesn't mean that all of the
> signaling between you and the central office is digital. The only analog
> signaling that can occur with X2 or K56Flex is between the end-users
> and the phone company. From that point on, the signaling must be 100%
> digital.
> The above isn't contradicting what John Miller said; it's just simply
> adding to it...
> I don't really have much of a recommendation as to which 56k
> interim-standard to use. The K56Flex is in more modem manufacturers'
> modems, while USRobotics sells more end-user modems in the world than
> anyone else. In the long run, it probably won't matter which way you go,
> because any upgrades from X2 and/or K56Flex to the ITU-T's standard
> (if/whenever it comes out) will more than likely be free anyway (unless
> physical upgrades are necessary).
> We have an Ascend Max 4004 (using Rockwell-based chipsets), so we'll be
> K56Flex when the new modem cards come in. Personally, I'm still using
> rock-solid USRobotics Sportster 33.6 (upgradeable to X2). I haven't
> upgraded mine to X2, nor am I planning to anytime soon. I do have a
> modem in my machine that I also use when dialing up using MP (Multilink
> Protocol) with Win95/NT. This modem is a Hayes Accura 56k (K56Flex) and
> that modem seems pretty nice too.
> Josh Hillman
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