Re: mmmodems

Greg Boehnlein ( )
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 21:57:36 -0400

>My experience is make sure the Pm2e is capable of talking to a 56K modem.
>I had to do an IOS change on our cisco boxes to make it work, but in the
>end it worked just fine. Also, make sure you have the correct command
>scripts and serial speeds set on the Pm2e. That's really the only advice I
>can give since I have never worked with any Portmaster equipment, but I
>hope this helps...
>From: peter kahn <>
>Subject: mmmodems
>Date: Wednesday, June 25, 1997 10:58 PM
>We are presently using 28.8 modems for our dialup users witha Portmaster 2e
>and would like to upgrade to 56k can anyone advise your experience and what
>is the best way to do so. If possible advise equipment requirements. Any
>response with regards to rockwell to us robotics

PM-2E cannot talk to a 56k modem. Period. You need to have a digital phone
service such as channelized T-1 or ISDN PRI. The only livingston products
that will do that are the Livingston PM-3.

I can attest, having moved from the PM-2E-30 to the PM-3's that the
hardware kicks butt. It is well designed, software upgradable and RADIUS is
solid and reliable using RadiusNT.

They are the cheapest of the Digital Modem servers, coming in at about
$16,000 for 46 ports.

K56flex is still having some bugs worked out, but Livingston is committed
to shipping a product that is interoperable with both Rockwell and Lucent
chipsets. I can't say the same for Ascend, as I've been told by people
using them that they won't talk to the Lucent chipsets yet.

Livingston has not SHIPPED the 56k cards to us, but I just received E-mail
today informing me of their current status, and requesting assitance in
field testing the K56flex capabilities.

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