Re: Radius and Access

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 00:13:13 -0700

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> I have looked into the sample database that comes with Radius v60 - I am
> having trouble understanding everything. Our main objective is to be
> able to add users via the database and have them authenticated with
> Access AND have Access do the logging. Initially we are not concerned
> with the billing aspect of it, since we do not track time. But, we do
> want the logging aspect and also the ability to put the users in a
> database. A thought of constructing some ASP pages with Interdev to add

RadiusNT (when available) will come with several contributions from
users, including:

* ASP Pages for Database Management
* IDC scripts for user on-time display
* Enhanced MS Access database with additional forms and main menu

We are NOT supporting this contributions, but making them available
in the distribution for those users who want to use them.

> somewhat understanding the format, but not everything. What do I really
> need in the sample database to use? We just use basic lines in our

The sample database is the minimal amount of tables/fields RadiusNT
needs to work. See the documentation for field descriptions and
how RadiusNT authenticates users.

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