Radius and Access

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Tue, 24 Jun 97 11:28:31 EST5EDT

I have looked into the sample database that comes with Radius v60 - I am
having trouble understanding everything. Our main objective is to be
able to add users via the database and have them authenticated with
Access AND have Access do the logging. Initially we are not concerned
with the billing aspect of it, since we do not track time. But, we do
want the logging aspect and also the ability to put the users in a
database. A thought of constructing some ASP pages with Interdev to add
users via a browser also might seem possible to me, but that would be
later. Is there anyone who can give me some tips on what to do?? I am
somewhat understanding the format, but not everything. What do I really
need in the sample database to use? We just use basic lines in our
users file right now, for example:

username Password = "passwors"
User-Service = Framed-User,
Framed-Protocol = PPP

This is what we use and is all we really need. Anyone have any
pointers? If so, please email to chad@gisco.net - would greatly
appreciate it. ALSO, I noticed something about Radius 2.2 coming out
soon - when will the date be? And it will support ASP pages?? If so,
maybe we will wait on it and purchase that product if this is correct.

Chad Cummings