Re: dale or anyone?

BA ( )
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 21:43:37 -0500

Got to try to get it all configured and start entering
MASS users....heheh

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997 01:48:38 -0700, Dale E. Reed Jr. so eloquently wrote:

>BA wrote:
>> Resending this never got a Dale away? This is the last =
>> holding me back from evaluating and possibly buying Emerald if I can =
get it
>> to work.... thanks in advance....
>Just very busy. I was out of the office for a couple of days, but
>Email. We also had some machine problems which affected the lists for
>last couple of days.
>> Decrypted Password: [=F7N+=98+M=F1+2sZy7+=BC
>This one is easy. Anytime the decrypted password is garbage, the
>secret you have configured for the NAS is NOT the same as what you
>have Emerald confgiured for.
>Since this is a radlogin auth request, make sure the secret in your
>server file for matches the secret for localhost in the
>Emerald Admin, Config Radius, Servers. Restart RadiusNT after changing
>anything in Config Radius, also.
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