Brian ( )
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 13:39:04 -0500

I know this is a lot to post but not sure what is required to really debug
this sucker....trying to setup a backup radius server, using directory
replication on NT. Radius 60 on NT4, I have the primary working fine...the
setup looks the same except the data drirectory which should be different.
Here is a bit of debug info if anyone has any ideas.

Radius NT is ready to receive requests!
radrecv: Request from host cef2c908 code=3D1, id=3D1, length=3D0
NAS-Identifier =3D
NAS-Port =3D 0
User-Name =3D "jryan"
Password =3D "\305\010B\2551\231\217h%\311d\227.\352?\314"
Password =3D "\305\010B\2551\231\217h%\311d\227.\352?\314"
Decrypted Password: F=A6=C9=A6=A68=E0=D1=BBd=E5c-g
Allocating Statement...

SQL Statement: Select DateAdd('d', ma.extension, maExpireDate),
DateAdd('d', ma
..extension, maExpireDate), sa.AccountID, sa.AccountType, sa.Password,
sa.Shell From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa Where (sa.Login=3D'jryan' or
ell=3D'jryan') AND ma.CustomerID=3Dsa.CustomerID and sa.Active<>0 and=

Database Password: theirpassword
Freeing SQL Statement...
LOG: User: jryan Not found

User: jryan Not found
Sending Reject of id 1 to cef2c908 (Server2)

Response Time: 280

The radlogin util is what I'm using and here is it's output

D:\rep\radius>radlogin jryan theirpassword
(null): Couldn't open dictionary: /radius/dictionary

Checking Radius user jryan:
(null): couldn't open /radius/server to find servers
0: Time: 230 Auth: Bad

0 Good 1 Bad 230 Avg