Radius NT Accounting Problems

Tue, 10 Jun 1997 17:25:48 -0500

I have installed RadiusNT .60 on an NT 4.0 Server and have designated this
as our accounting server (only) in ODBC Access mode, using the Radius7 file
which came with the RadiusNT software.

Authentication is being done on two seperate machines while accounting is
only passed to this machine.


Running RadiusNT as a service with Option: 16 causes no ill side effects at
all, however as soon as Option 18 is run a DR Watson report is generated
(exeception error). I have checked the Servers table to insure all the data
contained is correct, as well as the ServerPorts table. All 34 of our Max
4000's have been configured properly to use this machine as it's accounting
server and "secret" has been entered correctly everywhere (as is evident
with Option 16 working fine).

Does anyone have a "clue" as to why Option 18 will not work with the sample
Database supplied with the RadiusNT software??????

Thanks in advance for your help!
John A Stottlemire
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