Second auth/acct Server & User Not Found

John Lange ( (no email) )
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 10:29:34 -0500

Good morning Dale & All.

Dale, I have still not been able to resolve the issue with my secondary
auth server. Nothing has changed since our last exchange. Please, if you
could find the time to help me address this issue soon I would really
appreciate it.

Today I got an eMail from a user who said for 3 hours last night he could
not log on. I checked the logfile and sure enough, there were about 25
entries from this user with "user not found". Possibly they were using a
wrong password, (they won't admit that), but I noticed that I am getting
100 - 150 user not found's a day. Another user came in and said the same
thing. This guy is a little more competent. And again the "not found"
entries in the logfile.

JOhn :}

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