Could this be my problem?

Barry at Mint City Internet ( )
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 17:03:33 -0400

Well after suffering through the week, I reread the .txt files that come
with Radiusnt. In those instructions it says to make the secret 4-10
characters in the NAS. I went and checked the password in the
Intelliserver, and I had a password of 15 characters in there. Would this
be the problem with Radius crashing so much? I remember I set up the
Intelliserver with the documentation from Computone and I believe it said
up to 20 characters was ok. Anyways I changed it to a smaller password and
the thing has been up for 3 days now.
Any thoughts on this being the problem?

Barry Buchholz
System Administration
Mint City Internet
phone 517-224-4714