Re: Configuring COMPUTONE to work with RADIUSNT

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 29 May 1997 12:28:38 -0700

Barry Buchholz wrote:
> Good Luck. We have had nothing but trouble with our Intelliserver and
> radiusnt. My suggestions..
> 1.Make sure you have the newest kernal from Computone. Current version
> is 1.5.1.i.
> 2. Turn off any accounting in the terminal server. We have been unable to
> do anything with accounting and radius. Get authentication working
> first.

What does the -x15 debug show? I liked for you to try RadiusNT 2.2 on
it, since it handles accounting issues much better. (send me email

> 3. Make sure your users file is absolutely perfect or radius will have
> problems when bad names or passwords are checked.


> 4. Prepare to learn UNIX and put Merit radius on. Computone info only talks
> about Merit and I bet they have tested it with Merit's version only.

Actually, I had an intelliserver for about 45 days when working on
RadiusNT 1.16.NT.
I didn't have any problems setting it up to work, and that was like
1.2.x version.

> My opinion is that the Intelliserver is not quite compliant for the
> Radius standards, or RadiusNT is looking only for a request from a Portmaster
> or Ascend product. Logic would then tell us that the "Radius" standards
> are not the same for different terminal servers.

Huh? Thats a pretty strong statement. RadiusNT looks for RADIUS (thats
why its called RadiusNT) packets. Its has NO IEA WHAT kind of NAS is
sending the
packets, and could care less. It received a RADIUS packet, processes
and returns a RADIUS packet. If a vendor chooses to stray or add to the
RADIUS protocol, THEY are at fault, not RadiusNT. Take for example USR.
It works great with RadiusNT with the RFC attributes. USR chose to
some extended attributes which are NOT RFC spec, and RadiusNT doesn't
them. It still works fine (since most are informational) and doesn't
the two from working.

> We have had nothing but trouble with our system and RadiusNT. I tried
> reinstalling, rebuilding the users file, running on different computers,
> nothing has solved the problems of Radius crashing for us. Our next
> NAS will be a Portmaster.

If RadiusNT is crashing, you should send me -x15 debug of it and we'll
get together and solve it. I have done this with many customers.

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