Re: Configuring COMPUTONE to work with RADIUSNT

Josh Perry ( (no email) )
Thu, 29 May 1997 12:29:08 -0700

We are running our computone with RadiusNT and the Emerald database... It
is working great, havn't had any problems... it was a bit difficult to set
up... maybe if you have some more specific questions I could help you out.

Josh Perry
System Admin
From: Barry Buchholz <>
Date: Thursday, May 29, 1997 5:18 AM
Subject: Re: Configuring COMPUTONE to work with RADIUSNT

>Good Luck. We have had nothing but trouble with our Intelliserver and
>radiusnt. My suggestions..
>1.Make sure you have the newest kernal from Computone. Current version is
>2. Turn off any accounting in the terminal server. We have been unable to
>do anything with accounting and radius. Get authentication working first.
>3. Make sure your users file is absolutely perfect or radius will have
>problems when bad names or passwords are checked.
>4. Prepare to learn UNIX and put Merit radius on. Computone info only
>about Merit and I bet they have tested it with Merit's version only. My
>opinion is that the Intelliserver is not quite compliant for the Radius
>standards, or RadiusNT is looking only for a request from a Portmaster or
>Ascend product. Logic would then tell us that the "Radius" standards are
>not the same for different terminal servers.
>We have had nothing but trouble with our system and RadiusNT. I tried
>reinstalling, rebuilding the users file, running on different computers,
>nothing has solved the problems of Radius crashing for us. Our next NAS
>will be a Portmaster.
>Barry Buchholz
>Mint City Internet
>At 02:48 PM 5/29/97 +0300, you wrote:
>>I'm trying to work by the manuals configuring RadiusNT and COMPUTONE
>>POWERRACK to work toghether, but I get a denied access on my COMPITONE
>>the RadiusNT don't get the autherization request.
>>What should I do?
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