Re: NT4.0 Network Access and backUp

Joseph Covey ( (no email) )
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 01:24:00 -0500

Do you have the network login and passwords for the Win95 stations
specified in the NT 4.0 user manager? And if so do the users have
permissions to the drives and directories on the NT server?

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> Subject: NT4.0 Network Access and backUp
> Date: Thursday, July 31, 1997 1:46 PM
> I have 2 Questions:
> a) I have a NT 4.0 Internet Server running with 2 PC W95 Networked (LAN).
> I CAN access the 2 PC clients from the NT4.0 server on the Network, but
> despite all instructions I cannot access the NT4.0
> Server's HardDrive or Directories from the Clients.
> I followed all instructions set passwords etc.
> But when ever I go from Network Neighbourhood to the server ( I can see
> server in the Network Neighbourhood) I get a message telling me
> To connect to PC$ I need a Password, but of course this is the default
> setting and I cannot access this.
> I have mapped the C-drive on the NT4.0 server correctly, but still it
> not show up in the Clients Network Neighbourhood list, IT shows in the
> Servers Neighbourhood so.
> What do I do wrong?
> b) On my NY4.0 server I have 2 Harddrives installed.
> I want regularly Back up the changed files from Drive C; to Drive D: ,
> to do that.
> The NT Backup Command asks me always for a Tape drive, I have no tape
> drive, I just want to timely back up the files changes similar like in
> old DOS days.
> Any suggestion si highly appreciated
> Respectfully
> Robert
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