NT4.0 Network Access and backUp

Pacific Internet ( "Pacific )
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 02:46:30 +0800

I have 2 Questions:

a) I have a NT 4.0 Internet Server running with 2 PC W95 Networked (LAN).

I CAN access the 2 PC clients from the NT4.0 server on the Network, but
despite all instructions I cannot access the NT4.0
Server's HardDrive or Directories from the Clients.

I followed all instructions set passwords etc.
But when ever I go from Network Neighbourhood to the server ( I can see the
server in the Network Neighbourhood) I get a message telling me

To connect to PC$ I need a Password, but of course this is the default
setting and I cannot access this.
I have mapped the C-drive on the NT4.0 server correctly, but still it does
not show up in the Clients Network Neighbourhood list, IT shows in the
Servers Neighbourhood so.

What do I do wrong?

b) On my NY4.0 server I have 2 Harddrives installed.
I want regularly Back up the changed files from Drive C; to Drive D: , how
to do that.
The NT Backup Command asks me always for a Tape drive, I have no tape
drive, I just want to timely back up the files changes similar like in the
old DOS days.

Any suggestion si highly appreciated