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Fri, 25 Jul 1997 03:01:29 +0800

Welcome to the party. We all have been victims of those people, USA.NET is
another outfir of that creap and BS Head Sandford Wallace, better known
under Cyber Promo, Cyber Promotion, Cyber Mail and...and.....and...
No there is nothing you can do other then what we did until he gave up to
misuse our smtp server, we blocked his Domain address with millions of
e-mails as well, so it became for him impossible to use that, but he has so
many Servers and Domains.
Coming to the legality, there is really no legislation arround and so
nobody can say it is illegal what he does. On the other hand we doubt that
there will be any legislation soon, considered that this freak and he even
really looks like a freak, is a regulat guest in the White House, visits
President Clinton and the Vice-President who both are Internet Enthusiasts.
We would not be surprised if that Sandford Wallace is another CIA or
Secret Service Outfit, or operates one of those Agencies well known ISP's.
It is a long story, and We would be glad to come forward to the Medias, but
one occasion we talked to a CNN anchor of Date Line and we were told to
take a hike, as nobody would be interested in that story. Well wonders
never end, also CNN is deeply involved in the Internet, and with their
powerful main frames they could spamm and spamm and spamm, who knows.

Pacific Internet
Pacific Rim News Office
Hong Kong

At 02:22 PM 7/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>We have had on two different occasions either USA.NET or one of their
customers using our SMTP server without our permission. They are Spamming
thousands of users and eating up our email server. We have since upgraded
our IMail to prevent this.
>My question is, isn't this illegal? Has this happened to anyone else. If
so, what action have you taken?
>Marvin L. Anglin
>Atlanta On-Line InterNet, Inc.
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