Re: Force IP address

Dan Waldron ( (no email) )
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 19:01:37 +1000

> Just to make sure I understand. In your case as described, you are
> dedicating the modem to that user with the fixed IP, is that right ? The
> presumption is that the customer is a full time connection customer.

Yes they are. With RAM you can set a particular IP for a particular port,
and you can also set a particular user to be the only one with access to
that port. It would be OK if I had a few hundred users that required
looking after in this specialist fashion, but most just dial up and don't
care what IP or port they get.

> I had a caller one time call in asking for a dedicated ip , with the
> intention to NOT be a full time connection, but just a dial-in
> This would still not be workable... right ?

Only if you told them to dial a certain number, you can't allocate an IP to
a certain user.