Anyone else hear of this?

jason ( (no email) )
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 08:58:54 -0500

If you hadn't heard already, Microsoft has a new feature in Office 97 and
possibly IE 3.02 as well.

These .dll's inventory your harddrive and pass the info on to Microsoft
anytime you connect to (possibly other times as well). This
info not only contains your hard drive contents, but also a full dump of
all your cookies, so MS knows where you surf.

For those among you who are skeptical, be aware that MS tried this same
stunt just as WIN95 was being beta'd. I read a magazine article in PC
World about this little "FEATURE". Due to some negative press, MS decided
to pull that "feature", but it appears that it has made it back in, quietly
this time.

The following .dll's have NO purpose except to spy on you and your
business. Deleting them has no impact on the functioning of your pc
whatsoever. If you're paranoid, just rename them to something else.


The preceeding was snipped out of an email I got from an NT admin that I
know, he is usually on top of things. Anyone else hear of this????
Jason Roblyer