3rd party authentication

Eric Fagan ( (no email) )
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 03:18:23 -0600

I've just begun hosting a site that's going to need a lot of user
authorization into restricted areas. I'm obviously not going to create a
couple thousand extra users on my domain, so what's the good choice? MS
lists two products - "AuthentiX", & "Dynamic Authentication Filter". The
first seemed to be quite adept at installing badly, blowing up my machine,
& refusing to uninstall. I was forced to find & kill it in the registry
(while debating heatedly with the good Dr. Watson). It's advertised
features included a multi-homed server version. The Dynamic Auth Filter
(DAF) appears to be manage only a single database - ODBC or a text file.
It installed smoothly, required some minor reg'editing, but seems to work
quite well at present. While I'm only managing one site using external
authentication lists, I'd like to be ready for more on the same machine -
(something multihomed). Comments?

Eric Fagan