Re: second domain

Jared Groves ( )
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 16:29:34 -0400

It is realy easy. First you have to bind you NIC to a second IP
address. (You can do this under the advanced tab in the Network CP)
....Once you have rebooted the server (Gotta love M$) You then go into
the IIS manager. Go as if you were about to add another
directory...instead of selecting the alias you would like it to be know
as, select home. Then select virtual domain and input the IP. The
default document will hold true that was specified in the main portion
of the IIS config... Should work fine...


....Jared Groves
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cyborg wrote:

> I have a domain set up with IIS and I would like to add a second one,
> that is independent from the first that listens on a different IP
> address.
> How is this usually done?
> .Endre
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