pamela ( pbazinet@cyberbeach.net )
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 13:14:58 -0400

This question is not a technical one, but I really have to find an answer,
and as of yet, I've had no luck resolving it. We recently switched our
accounting package over to emerald software. The software only allows us to
pay the full amount or none of the account, more specifically, it does not
allow us to credit an account with a partial payment. Installing the
software was great, but now we are faced with this problem that we
desperatly need to solve asap, since it is extremely inconvenient. Again,
I realize this is isn't a technical question, but until this is resolved,
we are forced to record partial payments in a seperate log....I've asked
this question before and have had no response. Does anyone with experience
using the software have any suggestions/advice that would help me to
resolve this problem? I would greatly appreciate any response that would
bring me a step closer to finding a solution.Thanks in advance.
Pamela Bazinet, Records Mrg
Cyber Beach Communications