WebCounters and Guestbooks

Mike McCarn ( admin@calcoast.com )
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 19:29:48 -0700

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to implement a solution for a simple guestbook and hit counter
cgi that will apply to all of my users. We are running Website Pro as our
webserver. I would like to have a cgi that can be called only by our users
sites, and that logs and accesses all the info from the users own
directory. I am learning Perl now and it would be great if the script was
in Perl. I have seen the counters and guestbook scripts at Matt's Archive,
but they seem to apply to an individual website not to many users.

If anyone out there could point me in the right direction or would be
willing to share a script that they are using I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance,

Mike McCarn