Re: Unexplaind disconnections

Michel Thiffault ( )
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 11:24:11 -0400

Set the following registry key to the number of minutes you need:
Zero means no disconnect.

To remove SP3, just run install and use the uninstall option.



ori wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm working on NT4 + SP3. After I have installed the SP3 about three
> weeks ago, I began receiving calls from my customers that they
> disconnect very often without any reason. I went to some of my
> customers
> houses and cheked it out. The error messages they received were about
> my
> "ntserver signing off" and so on. Before the installetion of the SP3
> everything was just fine (I think).
> My questions to you are:
> 1. Could the SP3 be the reason to that?
> 2. How the hell can i get rid of this !#@!$%$! SP3? it creates an
> uninstall directory hidden under root>winnt, but there is no uninstall
> program!
> 3. I thought of installing all over again the NT. I have some services
> running (radius, mail, quota etc') and need to know if I install over
> all the configuration I've made and services would be erased (I mean,
> would the NT be installed OVER without the services and DNS
> configuration)?
> Please HELP!
> Ori Sade
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