Re: ODBC Problems.

Jeff Woods ( )
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 13:19:18 -0400

You need to get the ODBC 3.0 SDK (11 megs, sorry). The SP-3 version goofs
up Cold Fusion, which wants an even LATER version, not included with the
service packs.

Use the SDK installation to install ONLY the drivers (not the SDK), and
your problems will cease. ODBC SDK v3.0 is available on the MS FTP site.
Sorry, I don't have the directory, but ODBC32 v3.0 (available ONLY with the
SDK) will solve the problem.

At 01:06 PM 7/14/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I am having ODBC problems.
> The error said
> " The ODBC resource DLL( odbcint.dll) is a different version than the
ODBC driver manager (odbc32.dll).
> You need to reinstall the ODBC components to ensure proper operation."
> I reinstalled NT 4.0 and the newest SP.
> I trued coping the files from another machine but it still does not work.
(Both file have the same date (5/1/97).
> Anyone have any ideas???
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