CDROM Changer in NT 4.0

Jeff Binkley ( )
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 13:10:00 -0500

-> Has anyone ever used an external SCSI CD changer with NT 4.0?
-> We have an older Pioneer 6 disc changer that I want to put to use, but I am
-> not sure how NT handles it. Will (if everything is done right), bootup and
-> see 6 CD-ROM drives? Any input would be great.
-> Thanks in advance,

I've got a 602X running right now and a Nakamichi 7 disk too under NT 4.0.
Each one will apepar as a disk drive. The downfall is that the new Explorer
shell will scan each disk when you try to browse a directory to do things like
saving files etc...

Jeff Binkley
ASA Network Computing