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Franco Nogarin ( )
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 08:54:36 -0600

Hell I envy you. My telco cannot provide ISDN at not even in 2 months.
Because of that we cant offer 56k fles or X2. They are also the only telco
in our area. You are lucky really....

Franco Nogarin
System Administrator
The Aurora Network

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Subject: Re: Dedicated 56k Line

>Just out of curiosity, why are you going with 56K? Wouldn't it be much
>cost effective to just run one 64K B-channel?

There are places (like here in AZ) where the local telco (US Worst) sucks
worse at ISDN than they do at Frame-Relay.

Typical time for a Frame-Relay 56K install - 1 month
Typical time for a ISDN install - 2+ months if you are lucky

If you are in a place where the local telco can quickly provide current
technology, I envy you.


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